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Dr Alec Winder

Dr Alec Winder

Breast & General Surgeon

I am a General Surgeon / Surgical Oncologist specializing in Breast and Melanoma surgery originally from the United Kingdom and then underwent surgical training throughout New Zealand. I completed my General Surgery Fellowship in 2017 and then spent a year at Kings College Hospital in London specializing in Trauma surgery. Subsequently I completed a year and a half at the Royal Marsden as a fellow in Soft tissue Sarcoma and Melanoma (one of the world’s leading cancer hospitals). Since then I have completed the BreastSurgANZ fellowship in Janurary 2022, my second year with Dr. Andrew Spillane, ex-president for BreastsurgANZ at the Melanoma Institute of Australia, as well as completing a graduate certificate in advanced breast surgery from the University of Sydney where I gained a distinction.

I joined the General Surgery team at Townsville University Hospital in April 2022. I have introduced fat grafting and breast reduction to the public hospital, and I am trained in all aspects of current breast surgery including oncoplastic techniques. Since my colleague, Dr. April Miu, has returned to work, I have reduced my public commitment from full-time to part-time and will be available at the Mater for clinics and theatre on Thursdays each week.  Both I, and Dr April Miu work closely in both public and private practice.

I am the current chair of the breast cancer MDT for the Mater and TUH and chair for the Breast Cancer Optimal Care Pathway a new initiative to improve delivery of services to breast cancer patients in North Queensland.

I am happy to see patients with breast issues, benign or malignant. Melanoma patients, although those with facial melanoma or requiring neck dissections may be better served by a plastic/ENT surgeon. I am happy to see common general surgery conditions including hernias and gallbladders, although I do not specialize in laparoscopic hernia surgery. I am also happy to be referred suspicious soft tissue lesions for work up and management, however if a sarcoma is diagnosed it will be discussed with the Sarcoma team in Brisbane who I am building a relationship with at present. I look forward to meeting you.


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