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Gastric Balloon Townsville

NQMIS provides gastric balloon procedures in Townsville, specifically for individuals who want bariatric intervention for safe and effective weight loss.

A gastric balloon is a minimally invasive type of bariatric treatment that is designed to reduce appetite and create the feeling of fullness after eating, assisting individuals in losing weight with a lower complications risk compared to surgery. 

What is Involved in a Gastric Balloon Procedure? 

A gastric balloon is a small and soft inflatable balloon, made from medical-grade silicone or polyurethane, that is placed inside the stomach via the mouth. Patients are either given a small capsule to swallow or have one placed into their stomach by a doctor via endoscopy, depending on the type of gastric balloon. 

Once the balloon is in the stomach, it is then inflated with fluid to roughly the size of a grapefruit, taking up a section of the stomach, and reducing the amount of food that can be consumed. The gastric balloon will then remain inside as the patient goes about their life, drastically reducing appetite and helping with portion control when eating. Studies indicate that gastric balloons can help patients lose up to 15-20% of their total body weight.

A gastric balloon can last between 16 weeks to 12 months, depending on its type and course of treatment. Balloons that are placed via endoscopy are then deflated and removed at the end of the treatment period in the same way. 

As a gastric balloon treatment is not an invasive surgical procedure, patients can have the procedure completed at an x-ray clinic or day surgery and be sent home to recover on the same day, without the need for hospitalisation. 

Our Gastric Balloon Specialists in Townville

Dr Sam Baker – https://www.nqobesitysurgery.com.au 

Dr Scott Whiting - https://drscottwhiting.com.au 

Options for Gastric Balloon Implantation 

There are 3 main types of gastric balloons each with their own distinct benefits and features.

Orbera® Fixed Gastric Balloon

The Orbera gastric balloon is implanted in the stomach by way of endoscopy and is designed to stay in the stomach for up to 6-12 months, after which is removed in the same way.

Spatz3® Adjustable Gastric Balloon

The main feature of the Spatz3 balloon is that it is volume-adjustable, allowing doctors to increase or reduce its size accordingly to affect the extent of its effects on reducing appetite and weight loss.

The Spatz3 balloon is inserted into the stomach and removed after 12 months via endoscopy. Subsequent adjustment to the volume of the balloon is also done through endoscopy.

Allurion™ 'Procedureless' Balloon

The Allurion balloon is designed to be swallowed naturally instead of being inserted via endoscopy, making it the most comfortable and easiest treatment for gastric balloon.

After swallowing the capsule, an X-ray will be taken to determine that the balloon is correctly positioned before it is filled up with fluid. The balloon will sit in the stomach for 4 months, at which point a valve will automatically open to deflect the balloon, letting it pass out naturally through the intestine and into the toilet. In rare cases, the deflated balloon may need to be extracted from the mouth with or without endoscopy. Weight loss results vary between different types of balloon and how long they are in the stomach. 

Who is a Suitable Candidate for a Gastric Balloon?

A gastric balloon is appropriate for patients who want weight loss treatment to avoid the development or worsening of obesity-related health conditions. It is also used as an alternative for those who require weight loss surgery but are unable to undergo more comprehensive procedures, due to other medical complications. To be suitable for a gastric balloon, you must:

  • Have a BMI of 27 or above, indicating that you have an excess weight of 10-30 kg
  • Be at least 16 years old. Younger patients are considered in certain circumstances
  • Unable to achieve significant sustained weight loss through diet and exercise
  • Not be affected by inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Be willing to participate in a medically supervised lifestyle and behaviour modification program
  • Not have bariatric surgery or other stomach surgery
  • Not be pregnant or breastfeeding

Gastric Balloon Recovery and Long Term Effects

Once a gastric balloon is placed, our team of medical professionals will be checking in regularly to ensure that the treatment is progressing as intended, and weight management is on track.

After insertion of Obera or Spatz3 you will be on a liquid diet for 7-10 days to allow your stomach to adapt to it. You will be given medications to help this adaptation. After removal you will be offered medication to help you continue your weight loss journey and avoid weight regain.

While the gastric balloon is in place, it’s important that individuals implement a healthy, balanced diet to aid in safe and effective weight loss. After gastric balloon removal, it’s important to remember to stick to the same portions of meals that you had with the gastric balloon, along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating habits.